Modern data access for cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud

Easily connect any application, on-premises or in the cloud, with real-time data from anywhere.

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Connectivity without compromises

CData Connect Cloud puts the power of data in your hands. With real-time connectivity-as-a-service, business users can instantly access the data you need, wherever and whenever they need it.

  • NO software to install, NO drivers to configure, NO database required
  • Works with all of the data applications you use - out of the box
  • Real-time integration with 100+ enterprise sources
  • Read, Write & Update live data
  • Rich metadata discovery
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Why you need Data Connectivity as a Service

Stop making copies of data. Join the real-time revolution

Break down data silos

Collecting and utilizing data from across dozens to hundreds of disparate cloud applications is a major challenge.

CData Connect Cloud provides a universally accessible, standardized approach to connecting data from cloud sources, allowing everyone within the business to connect, integrate, and automate their cloud data.

Enable real-time reporting

Data-driven teams need to engage with their data sources on their own terms – and their own timelines.

With real-time connectivity solutions, business users, IT, and data teams can work with their data at the speed of modern business. Effortlessly combine and leverage organizational data to produce agile, up-to-date business intelligence reports in just minutes, not months.

Empower self-service integrations

Every department from Accounting to Sales can benefit from data-driven insights. But relying on IT to build custom integrations or ETL pipelines can create costly bottlenecks.

CData Connect Cloud offers a governable approach to self-service data integration. Single sign-on access and user-level permissions give IT peace of mind while enabling business users to work directly with their cloud data.

Experience real-time cloud data connectivity today. Any application, any data source

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