by CData Software | December 21, 2020

New CData Glue Connectors in the AWS Marketplace

As a serverless data integration service, AWS Glue makes it easy to discover, prepare, and combine data. Organizations worldwide trust AWS Glue to power ETL processes that support analytics, machine learning, and application development.

One of the biggest challenges in data movement is providing comprehensive access to data. While AWS Glue natively supports connectivity to AWS services, an ever-growing market of SaaS applications and databases are not directly accessible to AWS Glue processes.

With the new CData AWS Glue Connectors, users can easily access real-time data directly from AWS Glue, breaking down data silos to gain actionable insights from their fragmented systems.

The Data Fragmentation Challenge for BI & Analytics

Organizations have their data spread across a wide variety or systems, from SaaS, ERP, CRM, Accounting, Marketing, and Databases, to all kinds of other operational systems. Often analysts, developers, and IT teams are required to create one-off, custom solutions for integrating with their data, long before they can work with it in their ETL platform of choice.

The CData AWS Glue Connectors help solve this problem, providing enterprise-grade extensibility from AWS Glue to all of the most popular cloud and on-prem data sources.

3 Simple Steps to Live Data Access in AWS Glue

The CData Glue Connectors provide a simple, easy way to instantly bring data into AWS Glue following three simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the AWS Marketplace and subscribe to the CData Glue Connector for your data source of choice
  2. Authenticate your access to that data source (e.g. enter username and password)
  3. Start working with data right in AWS Glue Jobs

High-Performance Connectivity, Rich Data Experience

The CData Connectors provide the highest level of performance and speed in the market. They leverage the same robust connectivity powering our other connector technologies, virtualizing APIs access through a standard SQL interface. This SQL abstraction translates the point-and-click actions you take (or custom Python scripts you write) in AWS Glue Studio into an optimized set of API calls and returns a commonly understood tabular interface to each data source.

All CData Connectors and Drivers, including the AWS Glue Connectors, provide several key engineering advantages over other data connectivity options:

  • Full Metadata Discovery — Intelligent rowscan, type detection, relationship exploration, and support for unstructured NoSQL data
  • Robust SQL-92 Engine — Rich SQL-92 engine with support for bulk operations, push-down, client functions, and aggregation
  • Unmatched Performance — Optimized performance down to the socket level
  • Enterprise-Class Security — Advanced security, authentication, and TLS/SSL data encryption

The new CData AWS Glue Connectors support the latest version of AWS Glue Studio. Perhaps most importantly, the CData AWS Glue Connectors are fully supported by our world-class Support Team.

Connectivity On-Demand

The new CData AWS Glue Connectors are available directly from the AWS Marketplace and billed on-demand as a component of your AWS infrastructure. If you have any questions regarding the AWS Glue Connectors, please don’t hesitate to let us know.